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FOXY Lady Insurance aims to restore the preferential premiums that safe women drivers lost as a result of the EU Gender Directive by providing exclusive insurance services for members of FOXY Lady Drivers Club, who can only be women.

Knowing how many busy women run out of time to shop around at renewal time, we recommend you REGISTER FOR AN INSURANCE QUOTE HERE so we can contact you at renewal time to try to cut your insurance bills!

Our insurance services are administered by Cornmarket Insurance Services and reserved for members of FOXY Lady Drivers Club. And as long as the insured driver is female, our services can include named drivers so men can benefit as well.

As a result of the volume of enquiries from within the Club, this strength in numbers allows us to negotiate a better deal for FOXY Lady Drivers Club. And based on Cornmarket’s experience of dealing with safe women drivers, helped by the Club’s range of motoring support services, they’re confident of cutting the cost of car insurance for 9 out of 10* Club members.

*based on new car insurance quotations provided by Cornmarket Insurance Services to Institute of Advanced Motorist members from 2008 to now.



Members of FOXY Lady Drivers Club receive preferential insurance rates, subject to acceptance criteria.

Females who are not Club members receive a free gift subscription as part of any FOXY Lady Insurance purchase. As well as attractive insurance rates, Club membership includes VIP treatment at FOXY Lady Approved garages & car dealers, brand new car discounts (Citroen and Suzuki models), special motoring offers, support services and a monthly e-newsletter with the latest money-saving advice and deals.

FOXY Lady Insurance is a trading name of FOXY Drivers Limited, company registration 5071266, registered in England and Wales.

FOXY Lady Insurance services are provided for members of FOXY Lady Drivers Club by Cornmarket Insurance Services. All policies are subject to acceptance criteria, minimum premiums and terms and conditions.

FOXY Drivers Limited is an Introducer Appointed Representative (IAR) for Cornmarket Insurance Services Ltd.

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