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A Funeral Etiquette Guide For Motorists

by Steph Savill

A survey from Wilcox Limousines questioned nearly 200 funeral directors about trends and unusual occurrences that had been uncovered during the course of their work within the funeral industry. During the course of this they determined that the majority of motorists were unaware of what was the right thing to do on the road when encountering a funeral cortege.

Paul Wilcox, the CEO of Wilcox Limousines, explained: “Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon today for people to have next to no idea about the proper etiquette that’s required when passing a funeral procession. In previous years, etiquette was much more prevalent, but it seems that today, this knowledge is slipping away.”

In response to this research, the team at Wilcox Limousines has provided a useful “etiquette guide” to help individuals know how to behave when encountering a funeral procession.

This includes:
1)     It is important to grant a funeral procession right of way when driving.

2)     All funeral corteges move at a slow pace. Never overtake or cut into a procession.

3)     Wait until all the vehicles in the procession have moved on before using a pelican crossing – this way you won’t break or disrupt the cortege.

4)     It is considered respectful to turn any in-car music off as a cortege passes.

5)     If you happen to be conducting work roadside, try bringing all work to a temporary halt as the procession passes.

Paul Wilcox continued: “In the fast paced world that we live in, people tend to be in a great hurry to get to where they need to be. And whilst funeral directors can certainly appreciate this, very often this behaviour causes distress to mourners and a lack of respect after a loss of life. We hope that these pointers will help people be more understanding and respectful when they encounter a funeral cortege in future.”

Wilcox Limousines has the largest selection of new and used funeral vehicles in Europe.

Steph Savill Steph Savill

Steph runs a motoring club for women called FOXY Lady Drivers Club, a female friendly garage network called FOXY Choice and FOXY Lady Insurance.

In her spare time (!) Steph provides consultancy services for motor industry businesses who’d like to be more female friendly as well as employers of choice by women in future.

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