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What is the Ogden Rate and why does it matter?

The new Ogden Rate will come into effect on 20 March and have a dramatic effect on car insurance premiums, particularly for old (over 65) and young (18-22 year old) drivers.

Brexit And Car Insurance For WomenBrexit And Car Insurance For Women

Will Brexit affect insurance premiums for women drivers who still remain the safer driving gender? We doubt this is at the top of PM Theresa May’s list of priorities in 2017 but it’s worth remembering the background here.

2014 car insurance premiums rise again

Regardless of gender, car insurance prices rose in two consecutive quarters in 2014 with young drivers affected the most and 96 out of 121 UK postal towns affected. The outlook is gloomy feels Confused.com.

Will black boxes drive our lives?

Black box technology could be used to cut off your phone calls whilst driving, silence the radio and switch on intelligent windscreen wipers as insurers step up their hi-tech efforts to help us become better drivers and cut the number of accidents.

Is the cost of motoring compromising female safety?Is the cost of motoring compromising female safety?

What with University fees and poor starter salaries did insurers expect the number of young female customers to fall as a result of the cost of motoring? And what are they doing to build bridges with women after taking away their preferential treatment?

Women look for ethical behaviour

By fining Swintons £7.4m for unethical behaviour others in the insurance industry may find themselves in the FCA spotlight for excessive charges that were not transparent at the point of sale.

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