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Hayfever sufferers take care...Hayfever sufferers take care...

The seasonal side effects of hay fever can send us running to the chemist for remedies to stem a runny nose and sneezing bouts. But be sure to check whether these could affect your driving ability.

How to drive in stormy weatherHow to drive in stormy weather

Here’s some sound advice from the IAM for any motorist who has to drive in heavy rain conditions which are forecast for UK roads in the near future.

Motoring advice for darker hours this winter

It might sound obvious, but you cannot drive the same way in the dark as you would in daylight. Make allowances for your own abilities in darkness – your eyes take time to get used to the dark

Blinded by the light

The sun is a blessing in October but where it affects our vision, drivers need to be prepared. Here are some sensible tips from the IAM to help us drive more safely in what can otherwise be dangerous conditions. And for us to remember others when using headlights on full beam.

Follow the blue light emergency codeFollow the blue light emergency code

When sirens sound or blue lights flash, emergency vehicle drivers have permissions you don’t . So don’t panic, don’t speed and don’t cross solid white lines, no matter.

Roadside drugalyser devices for drivers

A new anti-drug driving law came into effect in England and Wales on 2 March, making it a criminal offence to drive with drugs in your body. Police can now use ‘drugalyser’ devices to test motorists at the roadside and offenders face a criminal record, the loss of their licence for a year and a fine up to £5000.

Is road etiquette a thing of the past?Is road etiquette a thing of the past?

If you set out in a bad mood then your driving is likely to reflect this and make us more aggressive behind the wheel. We certainly recognise this familiar tone… might there be a male skew here a tad?

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