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Learner Driver SupportLearner Driver Support

Learner drivers need as much driving experience as possible to support their investment in driving lessons. But any parental support must be consistent.

Savvy women spot classic cars on the upSavvy women spot classic cars on the up

More women are buying classic cars & insurance for their appreciating asset. Which is where FOXY Lady Insurance can help. Policyholders also get gift membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club to help them run & maintain it.

Creating insurance comparisons or confusion

Can our moneysaving price comparison websites be improved upon? The answer has to be yes because it takes so long to compare the comparison websites, it’s a soul destroying job and not all insurers are there.

A new insurance network for UK women in insuranceA new insurance network for UK women in insurance

A new insurance network for UK women in insurance was launched in London in June 2014 providing forum services where senior women can network, support and mentor each other to mutual benefit.

Customers behaving badly

Let’s bury the myth not our heads in the sand. Too many customers behave badly. We need strategies to cope with them on behalf of our beleaguered front line staff. More investment in fraud detection and staff training/support.

More appropriate motor insurance quotesMore appropriate motor insurance quotes

In June the MyLicence project goes live whereby insurers and car hire companies can see an individual motorist’s driving licence and quote for their business accordingly.

Gender differences when drivingGender differences when driving

Admiral Insurance data confirms gender differences between husbands and wives when it comes to their motoring and driving behaviour.

A New Female Friendly Insurance RegisterA New Female Friendly Insurance Register

Leading insurance brokers who want to promote female friendly products and customer services direct to women can now join the UK’s only female friendly Insurance Register run by FOXY Lady Insurance.

The Gender Directive - one year onThe Gender Directive - one year on

Despite many price comparison websites saying that motor premiums are lower it’s the young women who appear to be footing the bill. But let’s see the whole picture first re insurer profits the year after the Gender Directive.

Personal insurance advice vs a website?Personal insurance advice vs a website?

If it costs the same to buy car, home or travel insurance from a human being on your local High Street as it does via a less personal comparison website which customer service would you prefer? Knowing you’d be saving jobs too?

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