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Brexit And Car Insurance For WomenBrexit And Car Insurance For Women

Will Brexit affect insurance premiums for women drivers who still remain the safer driving gender? We doubt this is at the top of PM Theresa May’s list of priorities in 2017 but it’s worth remembering the background here.

Blinded by the light

The sun is a blessing in October but where it affects our vision, drivers need to be prepared. Here are some sensible tips from the IAM to help us drive more safely in what can otherwise be dangerous conditions. And for us to remember others when using headlights on full beam.

Is road etiquette a thing of the past?Is road etiquette a thing of the past?

If you set out in a bad mood then your driving is likely to reflect this and make us more aggressive behind the wheel. We certainly recognise this familiar tone… might there be a male skew here a tad?

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