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What you need to stay safe on the roadWhat you need to stay safe on the road

We love checklists so we can learn then tick things off. Hopefully we’ll learn important things we didn’t know.

Free motorcycling rider assessmentFree motorcycling rider assessment

The IAM is offering a special motorcycling rider skills assessment for free in advance of many getting their bikes back on the roads after winter.

Are We Fit Enough To Drive?Are We Fit Enough To Drive?

Dropping the drink drive limit to 50mg/100ml is highly likely to save lives. One in six road deaths involve drivers over the limit. So why do so many motorists need to be told NOT to drink or drive?

Traffic education recommended in schoolsTraffic education recommended in schools

Some countries in Europe have structured and well organised programmes aimed at school children. With ambitious targets to reduce the numbers of young people killed and injured on our roads, surely road safety education should be part of the National Curriculum?

Ford Driving Skills For LifeFord Driving Skills For Life

After successfully finetuning its driving skills programme in the US, Ford is now making this available, for free, to young novice drivers in England and Scotland.

Is the cost of motoring compromising female safety?Is the cost of motoring compromising female safety?

What with University fees and poor starter salaries did insurers expect the number of young female customers to fall as a result of the cost of motoring? And what are they doing to build bridges with women after taking away their preferential treatment?

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