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Many British drivers neglect cars for cost reasonsMany British drivers neglect cars for cost reasons

Two out of three British motorists have delayed a garage visit despite a warning ‘check engine’ light, odd noises under the car and steering concerns, potentially compromising their personal safety on the road.

Motoring advice for darker hours this winter

It might sound obvious, but you cannot drive the same way in the dark as you would in daylight. Make allowances for your own abilities in darkness – your eyes take time to get used to the dark

Blinded by the light

The sun is a blessing in October but where it affects our vision, drivers need to be prepared. Here are some sensible tips from the IAM to help us drive more safely in what can otherwise be dangerous conditions. And for us to remember others when using headlights on full beam.

FOXY Lady Drivers Club supports Tyresafe messageFOXY Lady Drivers Club supports Tyresafe message

FOXY Lady Drivers Club joins forces with road safety charity Tyresafe to forge a partnership that raises awareness levels about tyre safety matters among Club members and women drivers in general.

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