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What you need to stay safe on the roadWhat you need to stay safe on the road

We love checklists so we can learn then tick things off. Hopefully we’ll learn important things we didn’t know.

Driving in frost and on icy roads

Too many motorists imagine that if the road looks safe it will be. But how can it be as safe as a sunny day with temperatures close to freezing? Yet many motorists drive to the limit. That’s plain daft. Here’s some timely advice re driving safely in frosty and icy conditions.

Holiday riding advice for motorcycle ridersHoliday riding advice for motorcycle riders

If you’re off on a long biking holiday, we wish you a wonderful time and here are a few snippets of advice to keep you safer, thanks to the IAM. Think about your visibility, although perhaps pink is taking this a tad too far.

Useful motoring tips when hiring a vehicle overseas

When you are hiring a car overseas, make sure you know about the new system allowing a car hire company to check your driving history online, for up to 72 hours before you arrive.

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