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Do you have home contents insurance?Do you have home contents insurance?

Don’t go without when the average cost of home contents insurance works out at less than £3 a week.

Brexit And Car Insurance For WomenBrexit And Car Insurance For Women

Will Brexit affect insurance premiums for women drivers who still remain the safer driving gender? We doubt this is at the top of PM Theresa May’s list of priorities in 2017 but it’s worth remembering the background here.

Savvy women spot classic cars on the upSavvy women spot classic cars on the up

More women are buying classic cars & insurance for their appreciating asset. Which is where FOXY Lady Insurance can help. Policyholders also get gift membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club to help them run & maintain it.

First ever riding skills day for female bikersFirst ever riding skills day for female bikers

IAM RoadSmart is staging its first ever riding skills day for female bikers at Thruxton on 19 September. Riders are expected to bring their own bikes.

Driving in frost and on icy roads

Too many motorists imagine that if the road looks safe it will be. But how can it be as safe as a sunny day with temperatures close to freezing? Yet many motorists drive to the limit. That’s plain daft. Here’s some timely advice re driving safely in frosty and icy conditions.

Follow the blue light emergency codeFollow the blue light emergency code

When sirens sound or blue lights flash, emergency vehicle drivers have permissions you don’t . So don’t panic, don’t speed and don’t cross solid white lines, no matter.

FOXY Lady Drivers Club supports Tyresafe messageFOXY Lady Drivers Club supports Tyresafe message

FOXY Lady Drivers Club joins forces with road safety charity Tyresafe to forge a partnership that raises awareness levels about tyre safety matters among Club members and women drivers in general.

Lifestyle factors cause female health disease

You’d be wrong if you thought cancer was the biggest killer of women in the UK today. It’s heart disease and fortunately there is lots you can do to keep it at bay.

Is this good or bad news re financial advice?

Rates for financial advice appear to have fallen but they still seem very generous to us, bearing in mind you get no financial reassurance here. Should consumers be expected to know about all this in advance or can the financial industry do more to help?

Will black boxes drive our lives?

Black box technology could be used to cut off your phone calls whilst driving, silence the radio and switch on intelligent windscreen wipers as insurers step up their hi-tech efforts to help us become better drivers and cut the number of accidents.

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