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The Gender Directive - one year onThe Gender Directive - one year on

Despite many price comparison websites saying that motor premiums are lower it’s the young women who appear to be footing the bill. But let’s see the whole picture first re insurer profits the year after the Gender Directive.

Personal insurance advice vs a website?Personal insurance advice vs a website?

If it costs the same to buy car, home or travel insurance from a human being on your local High Street as it does via a less personal comparison website which customer service would you prefer? Knowing you’d be saving jobs too?

The Aldermanbury Declaration, and best practiceThe Aldermanbury Declaration, and best practice

Back in 2010 The Aldermanbury Declaration set out to encourage insurers and brokers towards more professional standards in terms of qualifications, staff training and business ethics. So it’ll be interesting to see which make the grade come D-Day in December 2013.

Women versus men drivers - the gender facts

The question of whether men or women are better drivers is one that seems to matter more to men than it does to women drivers. If it makes him happy why wouldn\‘t we let him think he\‘s the better driver? In which case you\‘d be best not showing him the JustMotorLaw …

Healthcare scareHealthcare scare

There’s a fine line between recommending healthcare cover and frightening people into buying it by claiming that NHS choices are a risk too far.

Accident repair lessons to be learnedAccident repair lessons to be learned

Six year old Sadie was killed in a serious accident because her Mum was driving a car that hadn’t been professionally repaired after a previous accident. Had the car been repaired to industry standards the impact would have been less and she might not have died.

Insurance shopping choices

Undoubtedly price comparison websites are good at what they do but when it comes to customer service a good FOXY Lady Approved broker should be able to compete AND add the personal touch we like.

The female choice for accident repairsThe female choice for accident repairs

If you’ve had an accident, your choice of repairer is critical so it’s important to know the signs of measurable quality to look out for, recognising that the speed of repair is a critical factor in reducing stress levels.

Women look for ethical behaviour

By fining Swintons £7.4m for unethical behaviour others in the insurance industry may find themselves in the FCA spotlight for excessive charges that were not transparent at the point of sale.

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