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Archive of 2014

Lifestyle factors cause female health disease

You’d be wrong if you thought cancer was the biggest killer of women in the UK today. It’s heart disease and fortunately there is lots you can do to keep it at bay.

Is this good or bad news re financial advice?

Rates for financial advice appear to have fallen but they still seem very generous to us, bearing in mind you get no financial reassurance here. Should consumers be expected to know about all this in advance or can the financial industry do more to help?

Will black boxes drive our lives?

Black box technology could be used to cut off your phone calls whilst driving, silence the radio and switch on intelligent windscreen wipers as insurers step up their hi-tech efforts to help us become better drivers and cut the number of accidents.

Ford Driving Skills For LifeFord Driving Skills For Life

After successfully finetuning its driving skills programme in the US, Ford is now making this available, for free, to young novice drivers in England and Scotland.

Creating insurance comparisons or confusion

Can our moneysaving price comparison websites be improved upon? The answer has to be yes because it takes so long to compare the comparison websites, it’s a soul destroying job and not all insurers are there.

Bodyshop perceptions of UK insurersBodyshop perceptions of UK insurers

The coveted insurer contracts are those working for Ageas and NFU. Bodyshops need the support of insurers not just the ‘stick’ approach practised by some it seems.

A new insurance network for UK women in insuranceA new insurance network for UK women in insurance

A new insurance network for UK women in insurance was launched in London in June 2014 providing forum services where senior women can network, support and mentor each other to mutual benefit.

GAP Insurance reassurance from FCAGAP Insurance reassurance from FCA

GAP Insurance is a genuinely good insurance product but motorists can pay over the odds. Like all insurance, it makes sense to shop around and not rely on one source of supply to offer the best value out there.

Is the cost of motoring compromising female safety?Is the cost of motoring compromising female safety?

What with University fees and poor starter salaries did insurers expect the number of young female customers to fall as a result of the cost of motoring? And what are they doing to build bridges with women after taking away their preferential treatment?

Nationwide's female friendly working environmentNationwide's female friendly working environment

Nationwide Building Society proves their female friendly employer credentials as a result of a clear commitment to gender diversity when it comes to recruitment, retention and the progression of female staff.

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