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Archive of January, 2015

2014 car insurance premiums rise again

Regardless of gender, car insurance prices rose in two consecutive quarters in 2014 with young drivers affected the most and 96 out of 121 UK postal towns affected. The outlook is gloomy feels Confused.com.

Traffic education recommended in schoolsTraffic education recommended in schools

Some countries in Europe have structured and well organised programmes aimed at school children. With ambitious targets to reduce the numbers of young people killed and injured on our roads, surely road safety education should be part of the National Curriculum?

Is road etiquette a thing of the past?Is road etiquette a thing of the past?

If you set out in a bad mood then your driving is likely to reflect this and make us more aggressive behind the wheel. We certainly recognise this familiar tone… might there be a male skew here a tad?

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