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Savvy women spot classic cars on the upSavvy women spot classic cars on the up

More women are buying classic cars & insurance for their appreciating asset. Which is where FOXY Lady Insurance can help. Policyholders also get gift membership of FOXY Lady Drivers Club to help them run & maintain it.

A Funeral Etiquette Guide For Motorists

The majority members of the public don’t know what to do when encountering a funeral procession on our roads. Here is some useful advice to help us pay respect to a life well lived.

First ever riding skills day for female bikersFirst ever riding skills day for female bikers

IAM RoadSmart is staging its first ever riding skills day for female bikers at Thruxton on 19 September. Riders are expected to bring their own bikes.

What's Your Car Called?What's Your Car Called?

Chances are if you have a distinctive car number plate you might call your car after this but otherwise it seems more likely that girls do this as well as the Over 55s.

One in five Brits wear the wrong sunglasses

Research confirms that many spectacle wearing drivers are wearing old prescription sunglasses during summer months affecting their eyesight and driving ability.

Hayfever sufferers take care...Hayfever sufferers take care...

The seasonal side effects of hay fever can send us running to the chemist for remedies to stem a runny nose and sneezing bouts. But be sure to check whether these could affect your driving ability.

Many British drivers neglect cars for cost reasonsMany British drivers neglect cars for cost reasons

Two out of three British motorists have delayed a garage visit despite a warning ‘check engine’ light, odd noises under the car and steering concerns, potentially compromising their personal safety on the road.

Free motorcycling rider assessmentFree motorcycling rider assessment

The IAM is offering a special motorcycling rider skills assessment for free in advance of many getting their bikes back on the roads after winter.

Are We Fit Enough To Drive?Are We Fit Enough To Drive?

Dropping the drink drive limit to 50mg/100ml is highly likely to save lives. One in six road deaths involve drivers over the limit. So why do so many motorists need to be told NOT to drink or drive?

Driving in frost and on icy roads

Too many motorists imagine that if the road looks safe it will be. But how can it be as safe as a sunny day with temperatures close to freezing? Yet many motorists drive to the limit. That’s plain daft. Here’s some timely advice re driving safely in frosty and icy conditions.

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